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End Ovarian Cysts – Treatment For Ovarian Cyst

Generally, ovarian cysts are frequent in women between the ages of thirty to sixty years old. Ovarian cyst is a sac or a pouch that develops in or on the ovary that may contain solid material or liquid or a combination of both. It happens due to several reasons, like, failure of the follicle to rupture, the follicle not transforming to its smaller size or doing the bursting by itself. There are medical treatments for ovarian cyst depending on the severity of the symptom.

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Most cysts are benign meaning it is not cancerous, however its symptoms are causing too much discomfort and pain on the person who have it. These symptoms are as follows; you will feel extreme abdominal pain, the occurrence of menstrual changes such as late or irregular period, sometimes bleeding in between periods. Pain during sexual intercourse and a bowel movement, infertility and weight gain.

There are different factors to be considered by health experts in providing treatment for ovarian cyst, these include the material it contains, the size, the location, the type of cyst and the woman’s age.

Doctors may recommend the watch and wait approach because some type of ovarian cyst tends to disappear in time and treatment is not required. A birth control pill may also be prescribed for recurring cyst, to lessen the hormones that promote its growth and to prevent it from becoming larger. Health experts may also recommend surgery for some types of ovarian cyst depending on the gravity of it.

The bad news is ovarian cysts cannot be prevented but can early be detected through regular pap smear, however, don’t worry too much because this cyst are often times go away on their own and not cancerous. But still, it is best to consult your doctor if you need to undergo treatment for ovarian cyst.

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