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Health Benefits of Amalaki Fruit

Fruits, home of the goddess of wealth. “Goddess of prosperity, Lakhshmi generally associated with this tree. The leaves of this tree are used to worship the goddess, usually saying Shirsha Marga November and December. The tree is small, rubber sheets and a size plump fruit fruit is similar to that of a small lemon;. is pale green fruit with a round and is available in abundance from January to April .. fruit is sweet, bitter and used as an astringent This tree has been highly respected and revered in our country since ancient times. “Mother Earth”. It is in most forests of India. is believed to be a tree that nurtures humanity.

Ayurvedic system of medicine reported that a trend that is prepared with fruit throughout the winter months. The new fruit is a laxative and diuretic. You can prepare a refreshing and revitalizing of the fruit. This juice can be taken in summer. Ayurvedic physicians suggest that this juice in the summer during the months when the body’s systems slower due to the intense heat. If you want to improve your bowel movements and digestion healing therefore boil four teaspoons of Amla powder, four teaspoonfuls of Myrobalans Chebulic Baher and four teaspoons of twenty ounces of water. Drink two ounces in the morning before eating anything for effective results.

Dried fruit Amalaki is an astringent and is extremely useful in diarrhea and dysentery. Is an important component of the famous Chyavanaprash, Triphala (three fruits) is also powder cure burning eyes and cool the head and brain, make a paste of Amalaki, apply to the head and then take a bath. Apply a small amount of oil Amalaki in the head before bathing removes eye diseases, night blindness and vertigo bilious .. Clothing Amla is used in syphilis, flatulence, bronchitis, asthma and consumption, “writes Swami Sivananda home remedies Clinical trials show that Amalaki is composed of anti-viral properties;. You can increase the level of protein in the body improve the response of adrenaline and also to prevent the tremors and convulsions. The beauty of the fruit is also offered.

Amalaki fruit is used to prepare mouth-watering chuntney that should be eaten first with a small amount of rice. Do not take food or later. Amalaki retains its characteristics over time unlike the other preserves, especially their ability to heal and also its quality. Amalaki, an excellent digestive, can be eaten after meals. Amalaki fruit avoided Thursday. It’s very special and helps to eat foods under the Amalaki tree in the month of Kartik