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Using Acne Creams for Treatment

Nearly 17 million people in United States alone suffer from acne , making it the most common skin condition. Severe acne can cause not only permanent scarring or skin lesions but can also cause emotional distress leading to low self esteem,social withdrawal , low self-confidence etc. This condition is not specific to a certain type of population ,so it can affect almost anyone. Acne cream treatments vary from case to case because not everyone responds the same.Treatments depend on skin type ,tolerance for certain substances etc.The usual treatment consists in reducing the production of sebum(sebaceous glands) and killing bacteria.

So,what options are there available?

First of all ,we have the common benzoyl peroxide based creams : Proactive , Brevoxyl etc.It’s better to use a cream with a lower benzoyl peroxide concentration,because high concentrations can cause dry skin and other skin problems.

There are ,also,alcohol based creams. Alcohol is ,like benzoyl peroxide,used in small concentrations to fight acne.The side effects are pretty much the same:dry or itchy skin.

For severe cases doctors recommend more powerful treatments such as accutare or adapalene.Dermatologists use these treatments only on severe cases because they have many side effects:skin dryness, raised liver enzimes etc.

Some treatments include vitamin or mineral based solutions.They act as a detox for the body and can prevent or fight off acne.Usually natural acne creams or pills are not that effective,but don’t have so many side effects either.This way you don’t have to worry about irritations ,burning sensations etc.

Before you try an acne cream or treatment ,talk to your dermatologist.They can offer you valuable information about your options.